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Do you want to optimise your online investments, but you are not sure how to do that?

Do you want to have control of all your website’s data, and do you need help with it?

You need a Google Analytics consultancy!

The EU Web Agency has specialised consultants who know all the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics is a Google service that allows you to monitor the statistical details about the visitors to your website or app. Due to its many functionalities, you can analyse an incredible number of important data points to take the right decisions on the strategies to use or the changes to make.

The help of a Google Analytics consultant is a necessity to take strategic decisions and to transform your numbers into specific actions.

A website gets visits every day from different sources: paid advertisements, search engines, apps, direct traffic and more.

Using Google Analytics consulting, you can learn which pages on your site should be improved, which kind of target it is best to aim for, if your visitors are more interested in one product than another, etc.

Google Analytics gives us a wealth of useful data, but you need to know how to take advantage of this data in the right way to use them to your advantage and increase conversions. You might be driving a Ferrari, but do you really know how to get great performance from it?

consulenza google analytics
consulente google analytics

Google Analytics consulting: what can we do?

Here are some examples of interesting data that your Google Analytics consultant can extract from the platform:

  • how many people visit your website each day
  • where your visitors are coming from
  • how old your visitors are
  • the gains from your promotional investments
  • how many of your e-commerce sales are due to your AdWords campaign
  • what percentage of your visitors do a conversion
  • which times of day you get the most visits, and from which channels
  • and much more…

As you can see, if you use the web to sell your products/services it is essential to have a Google Analytics consultant who can monitor the results to see which adjustments you should make.

consulente google analytics

Google Analytics consultaion: how does it work

Here is how a Google Analytics consultancy works and how EU Web Agency can help you to make the best use of Google Analytics for your business:

  • Choice and assessment of your objectives: the Google Analytics consultancy always starts with an analysis of the client’s goals.
  • Configuration, personalisation and implementation of Google Analytics.
  • Identification of the key performance indicators (KPIs): Your Google Analytics consultant will pinpoint the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators you should measure.
  • Periodic reports on your results and constant optimisation: Your Google Analytics consultant will anticipate which daily, weekly and monthly reports should be sent to analyse the data obtained from the platform.

We will get all the data necessary for your business to analyse and improve your web strategy, so that you can achieve your established goals

consulente google analytics

Who are the EU Web Agency’s Google Analytics consultants? 

When you put your trust in EU Web Agency, you can count on an Google Analytics consultant with years of experience in the field, who can help you to achieve your goals.

consulente google analytics

Google Analytics consultancy and then?

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