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Do you have a business that needs a web presence to be more competitive?

Do you already have an e-commerce site that needs to make your sales take off?

You need an e-commerce consultancy!

The Eu Web Agency has specialised consultants who are experts on e-commerce

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An e-commerce site is an online shop that is open 24 hours a day and lets you sell your products and services anywhere in the world to endless potential customers.

The current economic crisis and decreased consumption has caused greater interest among companies in assessing new distribution channels, confirming the web as an arrival point even for the most famous brands.

Due to the constantly increasing use of smartphones and tablets to buy products and services online, companies now need expert e-commerce consultants they can trust to help them create a very visible presence on the web and to establish an effective strategy.

consulenza e commerce
consulente e commerce

E-commerce consulting: how do we work?

EU Web Agency’s e-commerce consultants are ready to create e-commerce sites, whether B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), that are 100% designed to meet your needs!

These are the steps to create your own battlefield on the web.

NOTICE: This list refers to general needs and may vary depending on your specific requirements.

consulente e commerce

The first step for e-commerce consulting: Let’s get started! 

In this step, your e-commerce consultant will tell you about the solutions that will get you started a step ahead of the rest!

  • The idea that is the foundation of everything
  • Market analysis
  • Choice of images (name, logo, etc.)
  • Choice of name
consulente e commerce

The second step of e-commerce consulting: designing your e-commerce site. 

During this step, your e-commerce consultant will work on planning and creating the infrastructure for a platform according to your instructions, to give you a product that is easy to manage and performs well.

  • Designing the shop (interface, architecture, contents, list of products, etc.)
  • Usability and user experience
  • Choice of the platform that best meets your needs
  • Choice of CRM software
  • Solutions for email marketing
  • Optimisation for search engines (making it SEO friendly)
  • Implementation of different forms of payment (credit cards, PayPal, PostePay, bank cheques, cash on delivery, etc.)
  • Order management that shows the shipment stage (shipped, being processed, etc.)
  • Warehouse management with inventory levels and automatic updates
consulente e commerce

The third step of e-commerce consulting: promotion and analysis of your e-commerce site.

During this step, your e-commerce consultant will show you the solutions to boost your e-commerce site and sales Your e-commerce consultant will be joined for this step by specialised consultants in various areas to design and implement the best strategy for your business.

  • AdWords campaigns: Remarketing, retargeting, Google Shopping. Click here if you are interested in a Google Ads consultancy
  • Display campaigns
  • Facebook ads: Remarketing, retargeting, advertising campaigns. Click here if you are interested in a Facebook consultancy
  • Affiliate Marketing: to sell your products on other sites. Click here if you are interested in an Affiliate Marketing consultancy
  • SEO. Click here if you are interested in an SEO consultancy
  • Social media strategies. Click here if you are interested in a social media consultancy
  • Email marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Price and marketplace comparisons (eBay, Amazon, Trovaprezzi, Kijiji, Subito, etc.)
  • Analysis of your e-commerce performance, with campaign optimisation and the integration of new advertising strategies.
consulente e commerce

The fourth step of e-commerce consultancy: Management

At the end of the e-commerce consulting you will be able to manage your e-commerce site completely independently, right on the very simple control panel we will create. You will have complete control of your catalogue, your orders, your payments and your shipping.

All in complete security!

consulente e commerce

Who are the EU Web Agency’ e-commerce consultants? 

When you put your trust in EU Web Agency, you can count on an e-commerce consultant with years of experience in the field, who can help you to create your e-commerce and achieve your goals with a customized strategy of web marketing. 

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