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Do you want to be found at the top of the Google results when your customers do a web search?

Do you want your visibility to take off, while you aren’t sure how to do that effectively?

You need a Google Ads consultancy!

The EU Web Agency has specialised consultants who are experts on Google Ads

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There are different ways to be found by those searching for products and services on the web. One of the most effective methods, if done with the right strategy, is planning a Google Ads campaign.

Using Google Ads and your specialised Google Ads consultant, you can appear near the top of the Google results when your customers, or potential customers, go on their computers or smartphones and type in the name of your company or the name of the products/services you are offering.

Google Ads offers many possibilities to freelancers and companies that want to increase their visibility and the range of their business, whether nationally or internationally.

One of the strengths of a Google Ads consultancy is that a few days after your campaign launches you can already determine the first results in terms of site visits and conversions (contacts, sales, or whatever your goal is).

consulenza google adwords
consulente google adwords

Google Ads consultancy: how does it work?

Your Google Ads will be there every step of the way: creating campaigns, groups of advertisements and advertisements related to the keywords you want visibility for in the Google search engine.

But that’s not all: Our Google Ads can also create display campaigns. You will thus have a way to integrate banner adverts into your campaign and place them on important blogs, websites and magazines, or use YouTube to show your video adverts!

Learning to ‘do it yourself’ with Google Ads is not at all simple, and you could actually end up wasting money for nothing. This is why you need a Google Ads consultancy done by experts who have worked in the field for years.

Here is how a Google Ads consultancy works with the EU Web Agency:

  • Analysis/creation of your Google Ads account (if you don’t already have one)
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your competitors
  • Creation of new campaigns that are custom-designed for you. Reaching exactly the goals you set for the right price
  • Campaign optimisation: We will analyse the results, see how to improve them and decide on implementing new strategies.
  • Structuring the campaign around your adverts, whether text or illustrations
  • Constant monitoring and improvement of your campaign, using Google Analytics and other useful tools. If you are looking for a Google Analytics consultancy, please contact us.
consulente google adwords

Who are the EU Web Agency’s Google Ads consultants?

If you decide to put your trust in the EU Web Agency, you can count on a consultant who is Google Ads certified and has years of experience in the field. All our Google Ads have worked with small, medium and large businesses, so they have the experience to manage your campaigns in the best way, designing a personalised strategy and achieving the goals that you set.

The EU Web Agency’s Google Ads consultants also have accrued experience in different fields, including e-commerce, so they specialise in creating Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce (remarketing, retargeting, Google Shopping).

consulente google adwords

Google Ads consultancy and then? 

EU Web Agency offers not only Google Ads Consultancy. Look at our other areas of expertise:

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