Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn better to show who you are and find work?

Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn to help your business?

You need a LinkedIn consultancy!

The Eu Web Agency has specialised consultants who are experts on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is today’s best-known professional social media. People meet on LinkedIn to develop professional contacts, to network, to find jobs or to hire people, and to run marketing campaigns.

Today, LinkedIn counts more than 450 million users worldwide, and the number of members increases every day.

It is often erroneously compared to other social networks like Facebook or Instagram (by the way, we also offer Facebook consultancy and Instagram Consultancy). While the other social networks are used primarily for entertainment or for SEO, LinkedIn is the network to use when business is concerned.

If you are a freelancer looking for work or a new opportunity, if you want to find a solution for promoting your skills, your qualifications, education and experience, or if you are a company that wants to increase its contacts or reach new customers – especially B2B – then LinkedIn and a LinkedIn consultancy could be very useful to you!

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LinkedIn consultancy: what is your objective?

Here we are! We will show you how we will work together, if you are ready for a LinkedIn consultant you can trust to improve your personal profile and take advantage of this social network to help your business.

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LinkedIn consultancy: are you looking for a job?

Here is what your LinkedIn consultant will do for you if you are looking for work or a new opportunity:

  • Study your objectives: What you are looking for?
  • Make your profile more effective.
  • Create your network.
  • Apply for corporate positions.
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LinkedIn consultancy: do you have a business?

Here is what your LinkedIn consultant will do for you to promote your business:

  • Study the objectives you want to achieve.
  • Study your competitors.
  • Design the right strategy to use based on your objectives.
  • Create your business page.
  • Promote your page.
  • Organise your featured pages.
  • Develop related services (if requested): e-commerce, website, blogs, a presence on social media.
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Linkedin consultancy: some advice on your profile

LinkedIn may seem complicated to use at first, but once you understand the internal mechanisms and have entered all your data, you will be happy to have a nice page showing what you have done during your career (whether scholastic or working).

Here are some tips from our LinkedIn consultants on what to do once you have joined:

  1. Fill out all the sections of your profile; it doesn’t matter if you don’t have lots of experience or qualifications. Begin by putting in what you have, and then as time goes by you can update your information.
  2. Your profile photo: Use it! When someone searches for you, they should find your face, not an empty square. Use a photo of yourself that presents you well and is appropriate for a work setting: your latest pub crawl with your friends should stay on Facebook.
  3. Make your profile effective right at the start: Those who find you should see the perfect candidate in you, and they will not spend 5 minutes on your page, maybe just taking 30 seconds to evaluate you, so spend the time on LinkedIn to present yourself and your background to your best advantage.
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Who are the EU Web Agency’s Linkedin consultants? 

When you put your trust in EU Web Agency, you can count on an LinkedIn consultant with years of experience in the field, who can help you to promote your profile and achieve your goals. 

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LinkedIn consultancy and then?

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